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The following roster moves have been made this season:
June 15th SS Colby Woodmansee was signed out of Arizona State University and assigned to Brooklyn.
June 16th RHP Austin McGeorge, C Dan Rizzie, OF Jacob Zanon, INF Jay Jabs, RHP Adam Atkins and INF Nick Sergakis were signed from the 2016 MLB Draft and assigned to Brooklyn  
 June 21
INF Franklin Correa, INF Santo Marte and INF Yeffry De Aza were transferred to Kingsport (R).
 June 22
OF Vicente Lupo was transferred to Columbia (A) of the South Atlantic League.
June 22


RHP Adrian Almeida was transferred to Kingsport (R) of the Appalachian League.


June 25  The Mets signed INF Jose Reyes to a minor league contract and assigned him to Brooklyn. 
June 27  RHP Bryce Beeler and OF Enmanuel Zabala were transferred to Columbia (A) of the South Atlantic League. 
June 29 RHP Nicco Blank was transferred to Columbia (A) of the SAL. The Mets signed 1B Pete Alonso and assigned him to Brooklyn.
July 7 INF Dale Burdick was transferred to Columbia (A) of the SAL. 
July 11 C Brandon Brosher was transferred to Columbia (A) of the SAL. 
July 14

LHP Gabriel Feliz was transferred to Columbia (A) of the SAL.

July 21 LHP Thomas Szapucki was transferred from Kingsport (R). 
July 22 OF Desmond Lindsay, LHP Kyle Regnault was transferred from GCL (R).


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