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Each week -- beginning Monday, March 1st -- the Cyclones will be hiding a Silver Sandy bobblehead at secret locations throughout Brooklyn!  Can you find the Silver Sandy?

Clues to the Silver Sandy's whereabouts will be posted online at the team's official website, on the Cyclones' Facebook page, Twitter page, and in the weekly e-newsletter.  Make sure you sign up for all of the team's online outlets!

The first person to find the bobblehead will win a special Cyclones prize pack - which can include tickets, hats, autographs, first pitch opportunity and much more.  in addition, the winner will have their picture taken with the Silver Sandy at the secret location, to be posted on

Stay tuned to the Cyclones' Facebook page or click on the Silver Sandy link on, beginning March 1st for clues in the current hunt, and past results. 

All weekly winners will participate in one drawing and at the end of the promotion, with one lucky fan winning the grand prize. All winners’ names will be posted on, and included in that week’s e-newsletter, along with the location at which the Silver Sandy bobblehead was found.

The Silver Sandy Scavenger Search will take place each week from March 1 until June 18, 2010.

The contest is limited to one winner per week.

Get the clues!

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