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Current and former Wall Street “Masters of the Universe” will arrive on the beach protected by a police escort as they prepare to face off against a team of regular Joes (many of whom lost their jobs and life savings in the financial crisis) in The Great Coney Island Tug of War.

The event, hosted by Coney Island on Saturday, May 30, at 1 pm on the beach between W. 10th St & W. 12th St is an attempt to move beyond the festering animosity created by the economic collapse.

“If the Main Street team wins, it will enable the so-called 'little man' to show his strength,” said Kenneth Hochman, spokesperson for  “This event has the potential to improve the national mood and end America’s crisis of confidence, ushering in a new era of prosperity.”

The Great Coney Island Tug-of-War is a wide-ranging dispute resolution mechanism that will feature multiple different match-ups, including firefighters and police officers, vegans and carnivores, green-minded cyclists and unapologetic motorists, and Cyclone fans and Wonder Wheel fans. The 1,000-foot tug-of-war rope also will be offered as a platform to any two groups with an intractable disagreement.

This is only one of a host of events that will take place in Coney Island in the summer of 2009. Events include the Mermaid Parade, Friday Night Fireworks, Nathan's famous Fourth of July International Hot Dog Eating Contest, and the Coney Island Strong Man Death-Defying Display of Power.

The Coney Island Development Corporation (CIDC) has relaunched its website for the summer,, providing a complete overview of what to see and do in Coney Island, including a full up-to-the-minute calendar of events and programming, as well as details on how to get there.  Some of the exciting events coming to Coney Island include the Coney Island Boom-A-Ring presented by Ringling Bros. which will open on June 18 and run through September 7, and the return of the AVP Professional Beach Volleyball Tour, July 3 to July 5.  Coney Island will also be the place to be for Seaside Summer Concert Series Thursday nights in Asser Levy Park, the Village Voice Siren Music Festival and a variety of other events created in partnership with the Parks Department and local Coney Island businesses.

Sponsoring Coney Island attractions and organizations include the Brooklyn Cyclones, Deno's Wonder Wheel Amusement Park, Nathan's Famous, the New York Aquarium, the Cyclone Roller Coaster and the Coney Island Development Corp.

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