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7-Eleven unveiled its Brooklyn Cyclones Slurpee on Friday, and Sandy and some Cyclones players stopped by to get a Brainfreeze or two!

Reese Havens, Erik Turgeon, and Chris Schwinden tested out the Cyclones Slurpee, and all gave it the thumbs up.  "It tastes great," said Turgeon, who admits to having a Slurpee obsession of sorts that saw him drink 128 ounces a day in high school.  "They called it the 'Team Gulp,'" he said, "but I could finish the whole thing by myself."

Stop by participating 7-Eleven stores in Brooklyn, Staten Island, Manhattan, Queens, and The Bronx to try out the Brooklyn Cyclones Slurpee in the collectible 32 ounce cup today!

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