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One, two, three, SHOOT!  Rock, Paper, Scissors is back in Brooklyn with a pre-game tournament on August 10th.  Last season, 64 RPS warriors engaged in the time-honored battle of wits and will, with one champion emerging.

This year, the Cyclones will again host a bracket-style RPS tourney on the KeySpan Park outfied grass, with the winner receiving a Cyclones prize pack, and the pride and glory that comes with being the best of the best.

To participate in the 2008 Rock, Paper, Scissors tournament, fans can purchase a special $15 RPS ticket that includes a Box Seat to the 5 pm Sunday game against the Batavia Muckdogs, and a tournament t-shirt. 

If you have the heart, strength, determination, and skill (and 15 bucks) participate in the Rock, Paper, Scissors tournament, call John Haley at 718-449-8497 or email and sign up today!

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