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Brooklyn Cyclones General Manager Steve Cohen is confident that the Giants will win the upcoming Super Bowl against the Patriots. So confident, in fact, that he challenged a rival New England-area peer to a friendly wager, based on the outcome of the game.

When (not “if,” according to Cohen) the Giants win, the General Manager of the Lowell (MA) Spinners – Tim Bawmann – will make the four-hour trek to Brooklyn to work on the Cyclones’ Grounds Crew, prior to a matchup against his team, a Boston affiliate. Should the Patriots beat the Giants, however, Cohen will be forced to travel to New England, and man the rakes, shovels and mowers to help the Spinners’ Grounds Crew prepare their field, instead. “New York is still the sports capital of the world,” said Cohen, “despite what our friends in the New England area may think these days.” “My gut tells me that the Giants are primed to pull off the upset and shock the world,” he continued. “My back and knees, however, just saw the spread and are begging me to reconsider.”

Riding the bravado rooted in the recent success of the Red Sox, Celtics, and Patriots, the Lowell GM seems to think the Pats’ undefeated season is a foregone conclusion. "I look forward to sending (Cyclones GM) Steve to the field for some grounds crew work this summer," said Bawmann. "In fact, the entire Spinners staff is so confident in our New England Patriots that I'm extending the same challenge to the seven other New York teams in our league. I'm putting my entire summer schedule on the line!"

The Cyclones will take on the Spinners in Lowell, August 6-8. The Spinners come to Brooklyn August 21-23. On one of those days, one GM will have his hands full (of dirt), and will likely remember why there’s no betting in baseball.

Cyclones ticket plans and group tickets are available now.  Individual game tickets will be on sale in late April/early May.

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