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Build-A-Bear Weekend FAQ

MCU Park will be transformed into a Build-A-Bear Workshop this weekend as we celebrate the end of school with Kids Opening Days. Here is all the info you'll need to know:

1. Do my child and I both need golden tickets? Can I buy one and my child use their free one?
a. If you are an adult and want to get a bear, the only way to do so is by purchasing a Golden Ticket. Every bear that gets stuffed using the Golden Ticket entry will need to have an accompanying golden ticket. So if you want to stuff two bears, you need two tickets. Parents who are accompanying their kids do not need Golden Tickets, but a maximum of two (2) adults can accompany one child due to space limitations.   

2. Will golden tickets be sold on the day of the event?
a. Golden Tickets will not be sold the day of the event. You need to purchase them in advance.

3. Does the golden ticket guarantee me the bear or only cutting the line?
a. Both. The Golden Ticket guarantees you a bear, and it also allows you to go to the special Golden Ticket entry point where you will be helped without waiting on line.

4. What time will the stuffing begin?
a. For Saturday’s game, gates open at 4:00 PM and stuffing will begin at that time. Stuffing will be open until approximately 8:00 PM on Saturday. Because of the double header, timing may be slightly shorter.  For Sunday, gates open / stuffing starts at 2:00 PM and will end at the end of the 7th inning.

5. Where will the stuffing take place and how do I get there?
a. The stuffing will take place in the area that is typically reserved for the Season Ticket Holder Lounge. It is located off of the main lobby of MCU Park (where the elevators are) to the right hand side of the main Surf Avenue entry gate.

6. Will my child receive the bear upon entry?
a. The first 1,000 kids in attendance will receive a voucher that they can redeem for a pre-stuffed bear at Fan Services located near Section 9. Or they can redeem it in the Season Ticket Holder Lounge where they will be given a bear to stuff in Build-A-Bear Workshop Fashion. Full instructions will be on the voucher.

7. How many are going to be given away?
a. The first 1,000 kids (12 & under) will receive a voucher that they can redeem for their bear.

8. Am I going to miss the game/other pregame events because of this?
a. The stuffing stations will be open pre-game and through the game. You can get your bear stuffed at any point during the above-mentioned time frames. You also have the option to just exchange your voucher for a pre-stuffed bear and skip the full stuffing experience.

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