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Last fall, Hurricane Sandy gave the New York metropolitan area its best shot, and this summer the Brooklyn Cyclones will help fight back with the all-new Meaningful Monday initiative at MCU Park.

Through this program, $3 from EVERY individual ticket sold will go to various local charities that focus on the recovery effort following Super Storm Sandy. Each of the six Monday night games will focus on a different neighborhood that was severely impacted by the storm. Here is the schedule for Meaningful Mondays:

  • Monday, July 1st – Coney Island Night to benefit
  • Monday, July 8th – Gerritsen Beach / Sheepshead Bay Night to benefit Gerritsen Cares.
  • Monday, July 22nd – Nassau County Night to benefit the Nassau Hurricane Recovery Fund.
  • Monday, July 29th – Red Hook Night to benefit the Red Hook Initiative & Friends of Firefighters.
  • Monday, August 19th – Staten Island Night to benefit The Stephen Siller Foundation.
  • Monday, August 26th – Breezy Point / Rockaway Night to benefit The Graybeards & The Breezy Point Disaster Relief Fund.

“Following the storm, we were overwhelmed by the generosity and support that we received from people who were concerned about our ballpark,” said Cyclones General Manager Steve Cohen. “But as we went out into the community, we quickly learned that we were the lucky ones. Our offices were impacted by the storm, but for so many other people they lost much more than that. We hope that through our Meaningful Monday efforts, we can help the countless people still struggling to recover from the storm, recognize the heroes who were leaders in their communities during their time of need, and provide a night of fun and laughter at the ballpark as we all recover from Hurricane Sandy.”

In conjunction with the Meaningful Monday campaign, the Cyclones will honor “Hometown Heroes” during each game of the 2013 regular season. These individuals will be recognized for their heroism in the face of adversity as a result of Hurricane Sandy. In addition, the Cyclones will be selling “comeBacK” t-shirts throughout the season, with all proceeds to benefit the Meaningful Monday charities. They will feature the “comeBacK” slogan with the names of specific communities that were damaged by the hurricane.

To kick off the yearlong celebration of recovery and rebirth, the Cyclones will wear special alternate jerseys on Opening Day, June 18th, that will be raffled off throughout the season. These jerseys will feature the names of neighborhoods throughout New York City and Nassau County that were impacted by the storm.

“All of us on the Cyclones staff spent time volunteering in communities like Gerritsen Beach, Breezy Point, Oceanside, and Midland Beach,” Cohen said. “By highlighting these communities on Opening Day, it is our way of letting the residents in these neighborhoods know that we are still thinking of them, and that we are all in this together.   The old sports cliche is that it's the name on the front of the jersey that matters, not the name on the back.  But on Opening Day, it will be the other way around.”

For more information on tickets, or how you can get involved with Meaningful Monday, call us at 718-382-2600 or visit

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