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Brooklyn is known as the County of Kings, and we are asking you to help us keep our crown as the best borough…scratch that…the best city in the world! If someone is from the Bronx or Staten Island and they are asked where they are from, the answer typically comes back as New York.  When you are from Brooklyn, there is only one acceptable answer…you are a Brooklynite.  With that in mind, the Cyclones – Brooklyn’s only professional sports team – is holding BrooklyNite, which is our way of letting everyone who lives here now, used to live here, or wishes they lived here, have the chance to come to the ballpark and celebrate the diversity, history and attitude that makes Brooklyn, NY the global phenomenon that it is. 


The night will be a Who’s Who of Brooklyn and what way to celebrate our beloved borough than with a good old fashioned block party!

So to kick it off we invited a few Brooklyn Friends to help make the night memorable;

  •  MCU will have our buddy John Franco and former New York Met and Brooklynite signing autographs on the concourse between 5:30 and 6:15 (One autograph per person)
  • Our Queen of “BrooklyNite” from FOX 5’s Good Day New York Morning Show, Rosanna Scotto, will be crowned that evening.
  • WCBS 101.1 FM classic Disco King himself and “Brooklyn’s own” Joe Causi will host our on-field activities that evening.
  • And what would a Brooklynite be without Borough President Marty Markowitz!  

The first 3,000 fans who come and rally with us will receive a one of a kind Brooklyn Rally Towel.  Back in the day it used to be known as a crying towel when the Dodgers would come up short in their quest for a World Series championship, but nowadays what is there to cry about?  We live in Brooklyn - the best city in the world!

During our pre game ceremony we will pay tribute to the late Duke Snider. That evening the team will wear a one of kind on field jersey that reads “Brooklynite” in script with a picture of the Brooklyn Bridge as the backdrop of the jersey. At the end of the game we will auction off the jerseys to benefit local Brooklyn charities.
We are asking all Brooklynites to post up there favorite memories and pictures on our Facebook page, and the most compelling story will be read and shown on the video board that evening. During the game, we will recapture the glory days dedicating a decade for every inning in the game starting with the 1940’s.  This is the night we all can make history, so I encourage you please to get your group of friends together and let’s beat the all time record here at MCU Park!  You think you got something better to do?  Fuggedaboudit!

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