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Last season, the Brooklyn Cyclones celebrated “25 Years of Nothing” with their Salute to Seinfeld Night. The promotion garnered international attention, drew fans from 26 states, five countries and sold out in a matter of moments. But you know what? We were just getting started!

This year, the Cyclones will kick off “The Summer of George” with their 2nd Annual Salute to Seinfeld Night on Sunday, July 5th, the date that the show first aired in 1989.

To kick things off, the Cyclones will be wearing these “breathtaking” jerseys inspired by Kramer’s Technicolor Dreamcoat from “The Wig Master” episode. These conversation pieces – like a coffee table book about coffee tables – are rather unique to say the least, and can best be summed up by this review of the painting known as “The Kramer.” “A loathsome, offensive brute. Yet I can’t look away. It transcends time and space. It sickens me…I love it!”

The jerseys will be raffled off during the game, as well as following the game through the Cyclones online auctions, with proceeds to benefit The Human Fund (okay, okay, the proceeds will actually benefit charities around the borough of Brooklyn.)

Not impressed? Well we’ve got something else for you that we’re sure will be GOLD! Steve Hytner, the actor who played the role of Kenny Bania, will be in attendance and posing for photos with fans throughout the game. There will also be a special “Share a Meal with Bania” ticket package that will feature a private meet-and-greet in our bar, which will be renamed Mendy’s for the night, and the chance to share a meal (well not a FULL meal, just soup…maybe some crackers) with Bania. For more information – CLICK HERE. He may even give away a suit to one lucky fan at the ballpark…he’s been working out.

In addition, the first 2,500 fans in attendance at the 5:00 PM game against the Williamsport Crosscutters will go home with a “Little Jerry” (or is it Yerry?) bobble-beak, celebrating Kramer’s pet-rooster that inexplicably would not lay farm-fresh eggs.

But that’s not all. The evening will be filled with non-stop Seinfeld themed entertainment from start to finish. Here’s a look at some of the other fun we have planned for the evening:

  • MCU Park, which was renamed Vandelay Industries Park in 2014, will be known as Kramerica Industries Field for one night only.
  • Top of the Muffin To YOU! – Fans will be able to participate in a pre-game competition where they will have to cleanly pop the top off of muffins, eat the top and then dump the stump.
  • Costanza Trash Eating Competition – Just like George, contestants will have to go into garbage cans, remove the éclairs and doilies and eat as many as they can.
  • The Bubble Boy – A Cyclones employee will be placed in a bubble on the concourse and will take on all comers in games of Trivial Pursuit…and as a reminder; it’s the Moors not the Moops.
  • “Breathtaking” Baby Cam – We’ll mix in photos of cute kids from the ballpark with “breathtaking” babies…not that there’s anything wrong with that.
  • Ovaltine Drinking Relay – The mugs are round, the jar is round…they should call it Round-tine. That’s Gold! Steve Hytner will officiate, as two teams will have to chug and flip their cups in a relay for the ages!
  • Andrea Doria Survivors Get in Free.
  • Pasta Arts and Crafts – Whether it’s a Fusilli Jerry, or a Macaroni Midler, fans will be able to show their creativity at our special arts and crafts table on the concourse…just be careful where you sit.
  • Fans named Bob Cobb…aka the Maestro…will be able to choose the musical selections played at that night’s game.
  • In honor of “Crazy” Joe Davola, fans who dress like Pagliacci will be able to throw out a first pitch. Also, if you wear David Puddy’s “8-Ball Jacket” and want to throw out a first pitch…all signs point to yes!
  • Urban Sombrero Catch – Contestants will have to toss objects towards their partners who will try to catch them on the rims of their Urban Sombreros.
  • Kramer’s Lobster Trap – Teams of contestants will lower lobster traps from the suite level, while a teammate waits below in hopes of swiping all of the lobsters inside before time expires.
  • Running Errands for Mr. Pitt – Contestants will have to obtain the right tube socks that won’t fall down, choose the correct mechanical pencil, and drink a bottle of Moland Springs…all while holding on to a Woody Woodpecker balloon.
  • A candy bar lineup – Competitors will have to correctly identify candy bars…and they won’t all be Twix!
  • 2nd Annual Elaine Dancing Competition – Last year’s contest was so much fun we’re bringing it back for year two. We will once again be looking for Brooklyn’s worst dancer as they compete for the ultimate prize…A Big Salad!
  • Real and Spectacular or Fake, Fake, Fake, Fake – Get your mind out of the gutter. This G-rated competition will test the knowledge of fans in attendance with true or false Seinfeld Trivia.

As you can see our Salute to Seinfeld Night II is all-new for 2015 and is sure to be another unbelievable night at the ballpark. Single game tickets will go on sale on Saturday, May 2nd but group tickets, premium seating and full/partial season plans are on sale now. Fans who follow the team on Facebook and Twitter will get access to a special pre-sale before tickets are available to the general public. Don’t want to wait that long? The “Share a Meal with Bania” ticket package is on sale now. There will also be a special all-inclusive ticket on the “Del Boca Brooklyn” rooftop, which will include guaranteed giveaways, food, beverages and more. Complete information on that ticket package will be available next week.

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